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This is an archive of various audio-related material that I've collected over the years.

Vintage Amplifier Cut Sheets, Schematics and Manuals:

Brook Electronics, Inc. - High Quality Audio Amplifiers
Brook was famous for their "all-triode" designs.

Cutsheet showing Model 7 Pre-Amplifier from the early 1950s.

Hi Res 2MB
Lo Res 260KB

Cutsheet showing Model 22A Integrated Amplifier from 1953.

Hi Res 2MB
Lo Res 350KB

Brook 22A Operating Manual (6-pages typewritten)

Hi Res 15.6MB
Lo Res 4MB

Brook 22A Hand-Drawn Schematic Diagram (blueprint - as supplied by manufacturer - dated 9/11/1953)

Hi Res 15.4MB
Lo Res 489KB

Pilot Radio Corporation - Pilotone Amplifiers:

Pilot Cutsheet showing models from the early 1950s.

Hi Res 7MB
Lo Res 1MB

Pilot AA-902 Amplifier Manual with Schematic Diagram (dated 12/1952).

Hi Res 17MB
Lo Res 1MB

H.H. Scott, Inc:

H.H. Scott 222-D Integrated Amplifier Manual (from about 1964).

Hi Res 16MB

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