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Serving the west side of the Hudson

The 6:46 arrives at Harriman

Commuters prepare to board the 6:46 as it arrives at Hariman

Mission Statement:

The idea to set up this page is the result of the frustration that I experienced trying to get my ideas heard by people with the power to make meaningful improvements in public transportation for Orange and Rockland counties. I keep seeing opportunities for significant improvements in our local economy that are being stifled by a lack of adequate access to the Metropolitan region and Westchester County.

The purpose of this page is to present a series of fresh ideas, primarily concerning rail transportation, to interested parties and, hopefully, community leaders and politicians. I t will also provide links to a number of resources which should make it easier to build up the popular opinion necessary to see some the ideas to fruition.

Why Rail - Frequently Asked Questions on the subject of Public Rail Transport.

Public Transportation Proposals - Here are some suggestions regarding improvements to our commuter rail service.

Commuter Stories - Personal experiences of myself and others.

Commuter Links - Sites you may find useful if you commute by rail to Hoboken, or plan to.

About the Author

I have been a rail commuter for the last four years. From January, 1996 through June, 1997 I commuted from Irvine, CA to Burbank, CA on Southern California's Metrolink system. Since then I have commuted from Harriman, NY to New York City via Hoboken on Metro North's Port Jervis line, which is operated by New Jersey Transit. I have commuted in a variety of conditions, from hurricanes to snow storms. (I was not commuting by train at the time of the Northridge Quake.) I have ridden on a variety of equipment, from brand new Bombardier double-decker equipment (with clean bathrooms) in Southern California to recycled Comet cars in New York. I also commuted on the Hudson Line from Croton Harmon to Marble Hill while attending Manhattan College in the mid 1980s.

I am a third-generation commuter. I grew up along New York Central's Harlem Division. Both my father and grandfather commuted to New York for the majority of their careers.

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