Open Letter to the Times Herald Record

I have a few thoughts regarding public transportation, specifically the Metro North Port Jervis line that I would like to share with you.  

Please add the route of the Port Jervis line, including station locations, to the commuter map that you publish on Sundays. I think that it is important that everyone is aware of its presence. Additionally, some mention of construction-related delays (these usually happen in the summer months) should be included the accompanying section. New Jersey Transit, which operates the line, distributes occasional schedule updates on the trains. It would be appropriate to publish these in the paper. I am certain that New Jersey Transit would be eager to keep you informed of such changes. As an example, in mid-December we received a leaflet that described service changes for Thursday, the 23rd, and Friday, the 31st, which included additional early afternoon service and reduced evening service. New Jersey Transit can be reached at 973-762-5100.